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The strategy towards a vision, build on common goals and a shared purpose – the why.



Visualizing the way of working, flexible and transparent, the molecule changes and evolves constantly.



The agile way of working builds on team skills and the collective intelligence, flat and nonhierarchical, the ability to create high performing teams is the essence of the dynamics.

MMD - the way to transparency and speed!

Building cross functional teams in organizations demands
competence in behavior and attitude.

Implementation of MMD® (Management Molecule Dynamics),
a systematic approach to get the whole organization to work
towards the same goal in a structured way.

The way of working in cross competence teams will:

Increase involvement

Faster and better decisions

Better utilization of skills

Develop mutual responsibility


”Karin is spot on when it
comes to teams!
Direct, honest and
very experienced!
She has helped us to get the structure and the understanding
of team behavior as a success factor to make it real in Zenuity”.

Dennis Nobelius
CEO Zenuity

”The mmd method has given us the tools to develop a world class organization, with structure, engagement and leadership. The teams use their collective intelligence to deal with challenges and take cross functional decisions”.

Heléne Gustafsson
Area manager facility services
Göteborg Stad

”Work on cross-functional molecules has contributed to greater efficiency in Ecophon’s marketing department.Two major benefits are greater responsibility / ownership and less ”bottlenecks” in the organization.The process of creating the molecules, agenda and participants in the structure was also a positive experience, with Karin as an energetic and competent moderator!”

Anna Svensson
Deputy Marketing Director Ecophon


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